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3 Ways to Increase Revenue from Your VerticalResponse Partner Account

Offering email marketing service to your customers provides you the ability to generate incremental revenue and grow your business. Your VerticalResponse partner dashboard can assist these efforts with reporting to help you manage emails being sent by your customers. Whether you handle all the email marketing for your customers or let them take the reigns with their campaigns, use these 3 tips to generate more revenue from your partner account.

  1. Keep tabs on new sign-ups. Before they can begin sending emails, your customer needs to verify their account via a confirmation email we send. Look at your new sign-ups. Are there any that haven’t verified? If you notice new accounts that aren’t verified, you should follow-up to make sure they received their confirmation email. Check your new sign-up report on a regular basis so you don’t miss any opportunities to generate revenue from new sign-ups.
  2. Actively check the Activities Report. This report tells you if an account has signed up and is using the system by providing the date the last email campaign went out. Check your customer’s email drafts folder by logging into their account and reviewing their email history. Did they create a draft but didn’t send it? If someone signed up, but never sent an email, perhaps they are having trouble using the system. We have plenty of tutorials and a VIP support team to help your customers get their email marketing campaigns off the ground and into the inbox.
  3. Review your customers’ sending history. Look for red flags such as a decrease in email sending frequency or a halt in sending altogether. If you see this, contact your customers to find out why they’ve changed their sending patterns. Take the opportunity to educate them on how they can use email marketing to grow their business.

With these 3 tips you can keep your customers sending email and increase revenue from your VerticalResponse Partner account.

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